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What would you do if your body wasn't holding you back?

Our wellness program is a great way to help you make a commitment to yourself to take care of your body.  With a commitment to coming in every month, we are able to give you a better discount.  All wellness programs are month-to-month and the fee is automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the same day of the month that you originally sign up. All unused massages roll into the next month.

1 and 2 hour Options: 

1 hour per month $110

2 hours per month $210

4 hours per month $420

90-Minute Options:

1-90 min per month $165

2-90 min per month $330

4-90 min per month $660

The 2 and 4 hour options can be used as either a 60-minute massage or a 2-hour massage. All additional massages purchased are at the same reduced rate. So, you never have to pay full price!

If it's not the right fit or you just want to end your contract for any reason, you can stop at any time. You just contact us to stop it by the day before it is drafted from your account. Massages don't expire. If you do choose to end the contract, you have to wait a year after the last credit is used to sign back up. You can easily sign up in the office on your next visit or sign up online here.

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