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Who doesn't like a discount?

We know sometimes our schedules are just too unpredictable, so the wellness program isn't the right fit for you. You might still like to buy in bulk to save some money. These options give you more control over how you use your discounted prepaid massages.

5 Hour Bundle Package $550

You can use them as 1 hour massages or you can combine two credits for 2 hour massages. You can also do a hot stone or cupping add-on if you want to upgrade the massage with an added fee.

5 90-Minute Bundle Package $825

These cannot be combined but you can choose to upgrade with add-ons as well for an added fee.

These packages do not expire and cannot be shared. If you would like to share a package, you can do so by purchasing a gift certificate bundle package. Just be sure to not lose the certificate. These prepay credits always keep their value even if there is a rate increase.

Please reach out with any other questions.

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