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Stephanie Ogden, LMT

Stephanie Pic edited.jpg

In 2015, after 18 years of hoping and many life lessons, Stephanie achieved her dream of becoming an LMT. She was born and raised in California and joined the Navy fresh out of high school in 1998. It took years of searching and one big move to Washington to finally find the right school, Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics. With a personal history of fibromyalgia, PTSD, and depression, Stephanie has focused much of her massage career on helping people find relief from their daily pain and stress through massage.


Less than a year out of school, Stephanie married her best friend, Gerald. Recognizing his innate abilities, she convinced him to join her in walking the path of an LMT. He is also a massage therapist on our team.


Stephanie enjoys spending her free time reading, writing, and hanging out with Gerald and their two kitties.

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