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Do you take insurance?

We work with car insurance for auto injuries and L&I for work-related injuries. You just need a referral from a referring physician. We typically work with chiropractors but any referring physician works. We also take HSA and FSA debit cards. If your policy lets you pay out of pocket for out-of-network offices, we can provide you with a super bill to submit for reimbursement.

Do you do couples massage?

We do not do massages in the same room as we feel you are not able to focus on your own massage when you are hyperaware of everyone else in the room. We do offer massages at the same time in different rooms if our schedule allows it. We recommend you book these appointments in advance since it is harder to book. Another option if you would prefer to spend the time together is to do back-to-back appointments. We have chairs in every room. So, you can take turns getting massages.

Do you do deep tissue massage?

Our therapists are highly trained and work hard to find the source of each patient's pain. We specialize in trigger point, MFR, and other modalities to dig in and open the tissue. Most patients notice a dramatic change in their pain levels as soon as they get off the table. Our deep tissue is typically deeper than most other places, especially franchised massage shops. With that said, we work with your pain tolerance and won't work deeper than you can handle. It is important to communicate with your therapist when deeper techniques are being used. Even more so if you are a new patient.

What is Birth-Prep compared to prenatal massage?

Prenatal is just a normal massage with different draping to accommodate the pregnant body. Lying face down is not safe for the baby after about the 1st trimester. Birth-Prep massage is a series of massages created by the office owner that focuses on getting the body ready for giving birth naturally while addressing the aches and pains of pregnancy. It is mostly focused on the lower back, hips, and legs to increase mobility so that the expectant mother is able to get into optimal positions for birth. This creates more space for the baby to move through the birth canal with more ease. The frequency of massages is about how often the mother is seeing her OBGYN or midwife for checkups. 

What exactly is Cupping massage?

Cupping has been around for thousands of years but became more popular in 2016 when Michael Phelps had cupping marks on him at the summer Olympics. Cupping therapy can be used to help ease muscle tension, decrease swelling, and increase circulation to an area. Cupping uses negative pressure to help lift and separate tissues. This is the opposite of traditional massage, which uses positive pressure and may feel uncomfortable when treating tight muscles. Lifting the tissues can help increase the mobility of the joint along with the surrounding tissues. It's like a deeper stretch beyond one that a human can do alone. It's also compared to skin rolling but much more intense. Cups can be left in one spot or can be moved around. It's less invasive compared to a deep tissue massage.

Can I bring animals with me?

Our office is a medical office and does not allow animals unless it is a service animal. The owners of the practice are highly allergic as well as many of our patients, so we ask that this is a needed service only.

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