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Bethany Sweet, LMT/Owner


Bethany is a native to the great PNW.  She started her journey in massage by attending Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics in 2006.  She was hooked from day one.  She found her calling and passion.  Bethany has a heart for people who hurt.  Having dealt with her own car accident injuries, migraines from a young age, and fibromyalgia, she understands what her clients are going through and knows how to customize each treatment to help them achieve optimal muscular health.  As of September 2020, due to COVID and needing to be home with her three children, she has decided to retire from bodywork but will continue to mentor her team of therapists.

She is a mom of three and enjoys exploring the PNW with them.  Bethany loves the outdoors, whether it's hiking, fishing, or walking chambers bay.  She sings, plays piano, and plays the guitar.  She is a very optimistic person and truly enjoys meeting new people daily.

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